oh heeeey!

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of tryon, NC. I travel all over the carolinas and the southeast,

I'm constantly learning more about my Enneagram 7 self. As you can imagine, I love weddings and just getting to be at them. And at the reception it's all I can do to not cut loose on the dance floor. Even though you probably don't want to see that! 
 I am married to my best friend in the whole world & we have two little kiddos. Nora and Boone. They are wild and drive me crazy, but I love them so much. My days are generally spent chasing them until nap time, and that's when I get all of my work done. Ha! .We spend a lot of time laughing at stupid stuff on the internet & getting beat by Nora in games. 

We are really big fans of spending quality time with friends and family. And by quality time I mean games. We play a lot of games. Andrew and I really enjoy making people laugh, so we will post instagram stories that probably make us look like idiots, but it's worth it. For example, we did a french fry draft. That's right. We drafted french fry teams. My team won. Now you know us well.

We live in a little house in the woods. I say I live NEAR Asheville, NC because not many people have heard of the little town of Tryon. We have amazing families that mean everything to us and we love so much. 

Jesus, my family, french fries, outdoor weddings, traveling, Michael Scott, honesty, tacos, al fresco dining, s'mores, Chick-Fil-A, mountains, Captain Holt, strong coffee.

things i love

Chevron, spiders, stiff weddings, weak coffee, bridezillas, lime green anything, rude people.

things i don't love

 just for fun