Mario + Dominique, Craggy Gardens Engagement Session, Asheville, NC

Once again I’m blogging one of my favorite Asheville, NC locations on the Blue Ridge Parkway-Craggy Gardens.

The views are just epic, but honestly, these two would have made anywhere look good. They embraced every part of this session and really just let loose and had fun! If you’re looking for inspiration for your engagement session, look no further.

There are no rules or expectations when it comes to engagement sessions. I always encourage my couples to just be themselves and enjoy the time together!

NC Wedding Photographer_0972.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0971.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0970.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0969.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0977.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0968.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0967.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0966.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0965.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0964.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0963.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0962.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0961.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0960.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0959.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0958.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0957.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0956.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0976.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0955.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0954.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0953.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0952.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0951.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0950.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0949.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0948.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0947.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0946.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0945.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0944.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0943.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0942.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0941.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0940.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0939.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0938.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0937.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0936.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0935.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0934.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0933.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0932.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0931.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0930.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0929.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0927.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0974.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0926.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0975.jpg
NC Wedding Photographer_0973.jpg



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davey & morgann

She was personable, prompt, professional, and really really fun. The photos speak for themselves, but we are thrilled with the end result. On a big day with a lot going on, she made the whole experience of the shoot seem really easy and effortless. Her experience is quite obvious, and knowing when to give us space or step in for photos was something she navigated very well. Hope to get the chance to work with her again one day!

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