5 Tips on How to Start Planning your Wedding Day

Are you recently engaged and need a little help when it comes to just STARTING the planning process? Dominique Bedrosian from Smash Events Inc. is here to give us 5 Tips on How to Start Planning Your Wedding Day!




1. Come up with your budget.

Most couples are surprised how much things cost in the wedding world and how quickly they add up. Talk to each other and any family members that may be contributing and come up with that magic number. Then make a “wish” list of what’s most important to you both to have for your wedding and ending with fun extras that are at the bottom so if you run out of room in your budget you won’t be upset you didn’t get those bonus items on the wish list.  Don’t skimp on the important things like catering and your photographer! Those are two huge parts of your wedding day that both your guests and you will remember forever.



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2. Divide and conquer!!!

Wedding planning can seem overwhelming. Especially in the beginning stages when you don’t even know where to start. Pick an area you both want to get married in and start your research for a venue. From there divide up tasks. One of you start looking up planners and caterers while the other researches music and photographers etc. You get the drift.



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3. Join Instagram

If you’re not on Instagram, now is the time to join! I’ve had clients plan their whole wedding based off finding their vendors on Instagram. It’s a great platform for folks in the wedding industry to really show off what they can do!!


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4. Organize organize organize!!!!

I know it sounds like common sense but your wedding planning will be so much less stressful if you keep everything super organized. Label boxes that you pack up with all the little items you collect over time to help you keep track of what you’ve got and what you still need.  Keep a big binder or Google doc of all your contracts, inspo pictures, timeline, check lists, things to do etc. That way you can share your plans with everyone who is on your team to execute your dream wedding.



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5. Lastly, hire a wedding planner!

Either for full planning or month of, or day of coordination. You want to get out of the driver seat and hand over the keys to a professional on your wedding day. They’ll make sure all of your plans you’ve worked so hard on are executed smoothly.  Don’t have a family member be this person. Allow your family to be stress free and remember how lovely and magical your wedding day was not about how hard they had to work.

There you have it, great advice from a wedding expert! Follow Dominique & Smash Events on Instagram and reach out to them about making your wedding day dreams come true!




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Get to Planning!



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She was personable, prompt, professional, and really really fun. The photos speak for themselves, but we are thrilled with the end result. On a big day with a lot going on, she made the whole experience of the shoot seem really easy and effortless. Her experience is quite obvious, and knowing when to give us space or step in for photos was something she navigated very well. Hope to get the chance to work with her again one day!

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