Chris + Shannon | Wedding at The Ridge Asheville, NC

I could say many words about this wedding day. If you need a little push in the direction of having a small wedding with close family and friends, look no further. Chris + Shannon chose The Ridge in Asheville, NC for their wedding venue. The ceremony was overlooking the gorgeous view of the mountains, with the most amazing floral installment at the front with boho flare by Wander Floral Design.

The reception was so unique from anything I’ve ever been a part of, and I loved it. They brought in Chef Christian of Braised & Confit to do a 5 course dinner for them, and each course was paired with a locally brew beer. They got to watch as he beautifully plated their food, then introduced each course by telling them what they were about to eat and where it came from (mostly local farms). The whole evening was relaxed and everyone enjoying each course and having the best time being together!

The final course was obviously dessert, and the coolest cake! I absolutely loved the ‘flowers’ on top of the cake, made with dried apples and herbs, such a cute touch!

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Thanks to The Ridge Asheville and all of these incredible vendors for making this day absolutely incredible!

Venue: The Ridge Asheville

Planning: Personally Designed Events

Chef: Braised & Confit

HMU: Powder Me Pretty 

Dress: Michael’s Formalwear

Florals: Wander Floral Design

Vintage Place Settings: East West Vintage Rentals

Cake: Folk Method Kitchen

Musician: Tim P White



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davey & morgann

She was personable, prompt, professional, and really really fun. The photos speak for themselves, but we are thrilled with the end result. On a big day with a lot going on, she made the whole experience of the shoot seem really easy and effortless. Her experience is quite obvious, and knowing when to give us space or step in for photos was something she navigated very well. Hope to get the chance to work with her again one day!

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